MKR 485 Shield-board

MKR 485 Shield

The MKR 485 Shield makes it possible to communicate with legacy industrial systems that uses the RS-485 protocol. The shield is simply mounted on a MKR family board, easily turning your old local system into a modern IoT system.

To use this shield, you can refer to the documentation of the ArduinoRS485 library.

The MKR 485 Shield is based on the MAXIM MAX3157 transceiver, which guarantees data rates at up to 250kbps. The shield can be switched from using a half-duplex communication (one direction at a time) or full-duplex (both directions at the same time), which is easily configured by a switch on board the shield. It also features the TPS54232 buck converter from Texas Instruments.


A transceiver with guaranteed data rates of up to 250kbps, which can be used for half-duplex or full-duplex communication.

A DC-DC converter with pulse-skipping Eco-Mode feature, which allows the use of batteries as a power supply.


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Suggested Libraries

The ArduinoRS485 library enables sending and receiving data using the RS-485 standard with RS-485 shields, like the MKR 485 Shield.

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Sending Data Between Two MKR 485 Shields

Learn how to setup two MKR 485 shields to communicate with each other.



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