Portenta Cat. M1/NB IoT GNSS Shield-board

Portenta Cat. M1/NB IoT GNSS Shield

Unleash global connectivity and localization capabilities of your Portenta or MKR board with the Arduino® Portenta Cat. M1/NB IoT GNSS Shield. This shield enables cellular connectivity to both Cat. M1 and NB-IoT networks with the option to use eSIM technology. Easily track your valuable assets across the city worldwide with your choice of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo or BeiDou.

The Portenta Cat. M1/NB IoT GNSS Shield brings cellular communication and localization on the Portenta H7 boards. The shield leverages a Cinterion TX62 wireless module designed for highly efficient, low-power IoT applications to deliver optimized bandwidth and performance. To use the GNSS functions you will need an antenna like this one.

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NB-IoT and Cat-M1 are both 3GPP standardized technologies built on next generation network architecture for low power IoT connectivity.

MKR Form Factor
Portenta Form Factor

The Portenta Cat.M1/NB IoT GNSS Shield has been specifically designed to provide reliable connectivity to the Portenta family of boards for a wide range of telemetry applications.


Gain direct access to the TX62 hardware using the various pads provided on the shield.


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Arduino® Portenta Cat. M1/NB IoT GNSS Shield Cheat Sheet

Learn how to set up the Arduino® Portenta Cat. M1/NB IoT GNSS Shield and get a quick overview of its functionality. Obtain information regarding pins and how to use the different communication technologies.

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Getting Started with the Portenta Cat. M1/NB IoT GNSS Shield

Learn how to use GSM networks to connect to a server and print it's content in the serial monitor.



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