Nano Motor Carrier-board

Nano Motor Carrier

The Nano Motor Carrier provides a quick and easy way to connect and control motors in your Engineering Kit R2.

Designed to facilitate motor control, the Nano Motor Carrier takes care of the electronics required to control the motors, allowing students to focus on prototyping and building their projects. It can also be used to connect other actuators and sensors via a series of 3-pin male headers. The board features an on board 9 axis accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. It includes a battery charger for single cell Li-ion batteries and it contains 2 ports for quadrature encoder counting.

Nano Form Factor
Nano motor carrier
The Nano Motor Carrier is the perfect add-on for the Nano 33 IoT board as it works to extend and power up its functionality.
ATSAMD11 (Arm Cortex-M0+ @48 Mhz)

The Nano Motor Carrier features the ATSAMD11 (Arm Cortex-M0+) as an on-board processor for automated control of some of the outputs.

Power source
When working with motors, you need an external power source to feed the motor drivers and power the motors. You can do this by connecting a 1 cell Li-Ion battery to the battery connector or by using an external power source.


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