Braccio Carrier-board

Braccio Carrier

The Arduino® Braccio Carrier enables you to quickly and efficiently pursue your projects and ideas within e.g. robotics and automation with the Braccio ++. The carrier is equipped with connectors, a display and joystick to enhance the experience.

Along with high-speed RS-485/422 and RS-232 serial communication, the Arduino® Braccio Carrier board offers huge support for several accessories through the IO headers. In situations of long-range operations, RS-485 can support several devices on the same bus in a noisy environment.
With support for smart automation
The industry-standard RS-232 and RS-485/422 serial communication support for Arduino® Braccio Carrier has made it possible to implement smart automation IoT projects for a wide range of projects.
Support up to six motors
Through servo motor connector supporting up to a total of six motors has given a chance to demonstrate robotic application including RC Car.
LCD gaming options
Interfacing Mini Joystick with the carrier board integrated with a powerful Arduino® board can deliver some really exciting projects.


Suggested Libraries

Arduino Braccio ++
Arduino Braccio ++ Library

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